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Swim Affect

Sonya Porter


"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice"

Anton Chekhov


About SwimAffect

Our Bio

Founded in 2009, Swim Affect was born over 2+ decades coaching amazing young individuals. Watching aspiring athletes absorb and apply cutting edge knowledge and grow into World Class competitors, emphasized my belief that trust is at the heart of success. Let us help you lift the limits of your swimming experience and get you to your goals. From analyzing stroke technique to coaching you physically and mentally, our experts are here to connect you with the swimming world.

A Precious Truth

We work with the athlete, the coach and the support teams: Teams, clubs, and parents.  Our goal is simple; to help you achieve yours.
Our methods are proven in the quality and success of our athletes in college to the Olympic Games. Let us help you prepare to enjoy an adventure like none other.
We're outfitted to help you make a splash.


"Excellence demands effort and planned, deliberate practice of increasing difficulty"

K. Anders Ericsson



Phoenix, AZ, USA

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